Ecclesiology Project


Aiming at Shalom

An Immodest Proposal for Pursuing Peace and Purity in the Body of Christ: A Plea for Reformed Catholicity (originally published in Reformation and Revival Journal, Winter, 2004)

The Bible and the Public Church

The Church and Her Rivals

Dabney Ecclesiology Lectures, Fall 2006:

Ecclesiocentrism: Exploring the Centrality of the Church in the Plan and Purpose of God

God's New Humanity

Life in the Father's House: Membership Has Its Privileges

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Some Pastoral Reflections

Nine Theses on Tithing

Of Pastors and Presidents: Brief Reflections of Rick Warren’s Inauguration Prayer and Christian Participation in American Civil Religion

On Being the Church in America

Strategies and Tactics for the 21st Century Church in the West

Supernatural Presbyterianism

Sword and Trowel

Then All the Colors Will Bleed Into One

The Visionary Church: A 21st Century Ecclesiology

A Visionary Ecclesiology: A Primer on Church Membership

When Church Bells Stopped Ringing

Wide Awake in America


Dabney Ecclesiology Lectures, Fall 2002:

High Church Calvinism (Dabney Lectures, 2006):

Sermons and Lectures from Auburn Avenue: