I want to provide a little more follow up to my two recent sermons on Psalm 19.

I recently preched two sermons on Psalm 19 (available here and here). In this blog post, I want to follow up on the second sermon, with a point that seems especially appropriate for Lent.

The so-called culture war today comes down to what kind of ruler we want. It's about the crown rights of King Jesus vs. the clown rights of Joe Biden (and his ilk). Who would you rather have rule over you -- a king or a clown? Do you want the kingdom of God, full of goodness, truth, and beauty? Or clown world, full of darkness, depravity, and folly?

The move from Christmas season to Epiphany season should not be a let down. Christmas is a season of great joy, but Epiphany is as well. And so that's my exhortation to you: Keep the party going. Keep the celebration going. The themes change, but the festivity remains.

This is a follow up to my January 1, 2023 sermon. My opening comments on the passage are not on the audio here (thought you can get them on the YouTube stream of the service here), so I will reproduce those comments here, along with a few other notes.