The New Testament presents the church as God's new humanity.

The Dutch theologian A. A. Van Ruler put it this way: “We become Christians in order that we may become truly and fully human.” Being Christian is not unnatural. There is nothing more natural than living for God’s glory in Christ Jesus. It’s what we were made for. Our Christian faith is not something tacked onto an otherwise natural human life. To not serve God is unnatural, like being a fish out of water. When we become Christians, our humanity is restored. We have defaced and corrupted our humanity by sin. In Christ, that humanity is restored, reborn, rejuvenated, and reaches maturity. All this can only happen in and through Christ. Becoming a Christian makes you more human, more passionate about life, and more able to throw yourself into the things of this world in a way that pleases God. It doesn’t draw you out of the world, in some sort of withdrawal or escape; it sends you into the world to live as God wanted humanity to live in the first place. Nothing human is alien to the Christian.