About 18 years ago, the men of Trinity Presbyterian Church began gathering monthly for “Trinity Tavern Thursday.” This is a letter I sent out to the congregation to explain what we were doing and why. It’s republished here for a new generation of men at TPC, in the hopes that the TTT tradition will be carried on for decades to come.

Odds and ends:


The so-called culture war today comes down to what kind of ruler we want. It's about the crown rights of King Jesus vs. the clown rights of Joe Biden (and his ilk). Who would you rather have rule over you -- a king or a clown? Do you want the kingdom of God, full of goodness, truth, and beauty? Or clown world, full of darkness, depravity, and folly?

Mattson’s review of Wolfe’s book is well worth reading if you have been following the discussions on Christian nationalism.

I appreciated a lot of Wolfe’s critique of VanDrunen’s radical two kingdom view, including the way he brought out its latent antinomianism. But there are still some problems with Wolfe’s two kingdom view, especially the heaven/earth, sacred/secular dualism built into it.