I spent several of my years growing up living in the North Shore area of Chicago but during most of that time, my dad actually worked in Kenosha, WI. To see Kenosha up in flames is sad. It's repeat of the violence we have seen break out in other cities across our land. We do not have the whole story of what happened between law enforcement and Jacob Blake, but nothing could ever justify the destruction of the city in response; indeed, from the little we do know, it seems hard to fault law enforcement officers for taking the action they did.

What's happening in Kenosha now is really the product of a counterfeit gospel, a satanic spirit that has driven continual revolutions in the modern world. According to this modern spirit, social transformation happens through fire and blood. This is the spirit that animated the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. This is the spirit that animates Marxism, and all its spin offs. This is the spirit wreaking havoc in American cities right now. The revolutionaries are right that social transformation requires blood and fire, but they have the wrong blood and fire in mind. True social transformation can only be brought about by the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the blood of Christ. Social transformation comes through Spiritual regeneration, not violent revolution. Pray for our country accordingly.