One of the church fathers said it best: “Christians alone know how to live.” This is especially true when it comes to sex.
I’m glad that some who have lived out the implications of the sexual revolution are realizing how wrong and disastrous it’s been. But many of these articles reflect worldly sorrow, not godly repentance (2 Cor. 7) and this will not solve the problem. Real freedom is found in submitting to God’s law. Nothing less than obedience to Scripture will work because humans were made for God’s law and God’s law was made for humans.
Phetasy's article could be alternatively entitled, "The Patriarchy Was Right." Hopefully those who have embraced the sexual revolution will realize its disastrous effects the way Phestasy has. But hopefully they will go much further than Phetasy in rejecting it, not only regretting their actions but repenting. And note, this goes just as much for men as for women.
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