This is an email I wrote in October 2011. I came across it as I was going through some old files and realized it might be useful to make it public. I am turning it into a blog post here because the issues I was responding to are still very relevant. I have removed personal references, but otherwise, the email is essentially what I wrote at the time. This email was written in response to someone who was criticizing my preaching on male/female sexual issues. The critic of my sermons was moving in an egalitarian direction. I was preaching through 1 Corinthians at the time, so obviously a lot of my sermons in this time frame addressed marriage, sex, gender roles, tc. The sermons in question were preached in July and August of 2011 and can be found on the TPC website sermon page.


If there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is a Chesterton quote for every occasion. But Chesterton's wit and wisdom especially come through when he is addressing home and family life. A collection of his essays entitled Brave New Family  is a very jovial look at family life and a storehouse of insight. His praise for home, especially as the domain of the woman, is unequaled. His expose of the folly of anti-biblical family patterns is winsome and compelling.  Time and time again, he uncovered the foolishness of feminist and egalitarian practices, though in his day they were only in their infancy.  His wit was disarming and engaging, even when he carving an ideological opponent up.  Here we will look at some of his gems, with a few comments along the way.

Plucking and Cutting:

An Examination of Matthew 5:27-32


Rich Lusk


This is an old article article, being republished for the blog.



While sex happens in private, it has public implications and so biblical law has quite a bit to say about it. We cannot keep God’s law out of our bedrooms. But neither can we keep God’s law out of our hearts. And so the Scripture also has quite a bit to say about sexual desire, most famously in Matthew 5:27-32.

Servant-leadership, as commonly understood in evangelical circles, has taken quite  beating in recent years, and rightfully so. I have already addressed this issue in other places, but the problems should be spelled out more fully, especially for marriage.There are many Christian husbands who believe they are Jesus-like "servant leaders" when in reality they are abdicating their position as ruler of their households. There are many Christian wives who think they are submissive, when really their hearts are in rebellion against God's ordained authority structure and disrespectful towards the place Scripture assigns their husbands.

Sexual Desire and Sexual Refusal in Marriage:

A Pauline Theology of Consent

Rich Lusk


This is an article especially for married men.