The ancient communion prayer from the Didache:

As this broken bread was scattered over the mountains, And was gathered
together to become one, So let Your Body of Faithful be gathered
together From the ends of the earth into Your kingdom; for the glory and
power are Yours forever.

A modern adaptation of the prayer (source unknown):

As grain that was scattered on the hillside was gathered together and made
into one loaf, so too, we, your people, scattered throughout the world, are
gathered together around your table and become one. As grapes grown in the
field are gathered together and pressed into wine, so too are we drawn
together and pressed by our times to share a common lot and are
transformed into your life-­‐blood for all. So let us prepare to eat and drink as
Jesus taught us: inviting the stranger to our table and welcoming the poor.
May their absence serve to remind us of the divisions this sacrament seeks to
heal, and may their presence help transform us in the body of Christ we
share. Amen.