Years ago, in 2008 to be specific, when I was still fairly new to being a solo pastor, a seminary student asked me to participate in a project he was doing. He wanted to compile views and practices from a variety of churches regarding church discipline and conflict resolution. I came across this document in my files the other day and thought it might be of interest so I am posting it here. While I trust I have matured as a pastor over the years, there is not much I would say differently today.

A few more notes on the SBC Guideposts sex abuse report, now that the SBC annual meeting has come and gone:

Regular church attendance and formal church membership are important biblical teachings.

This is a follow up to last Sunday’s sermon on 1 Peter 2:4ff, “The Greatest Nation on Earth."

[Note: This article was written in 1996 for the church newsletter of Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA) in Austin, TX, where I was serving at the time.]