This is a follow up to my earlier post on recent tragedies.

Here are my criteria for a political theology:

Work, like so many other things in our culture today, has been politicized.

I had the honor and pleasure of doing an interview with 1819 News this week, hosted by Bryan Dawson and Ray Melick. If you are not familiar with 1819 News, it's a great way to keep up with news in Alabama from a Christian perspective. The interview started out talking about the breakdown of the family in relation to social crises like the recent school shooting in Texas (especially Mo Brooks' comments in this interview), but from there, we went on to touch on a wide variety of topics, from gendered piety to psalm singing. You can find the YouTube version here and the Apple podcast version here.

You may have seen the absolutely horrific report on sexual sin and sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention that was released earlier this week. The report is the fruit of an extended independent investigation into claims made against various Southern Baptist leadership and congregations. I have not looked into the report in any detail but it is an absolute travesty. The report documents cases of adultery, fornication, and child molestation. In some cases, offenders were able to move from church to church, multiplying their victims. Those who tried to sound the alarm were silenced. Far too many in the Southern Baptists denomination were obviously more concerned with protecting their “brand” than doing what is best for victims. They used their polity (a commitment to the autonomy of each local church) as an excuse for not warning churches about predators hopping from one congregation to the next. Some leading pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention, including former president J. D. Grear, have argued that the Bible only "whispers about sexual sin" -- a claim that was incredibly foolish when it was made and now sounds like complicity in the cover up. The entire sordid ordeal is a massive black eye for all Christians, even those of us who are not Southern Baptist.